Developing A Visual Novel From A Newby Perspective

As the title suggests, this is my first time jumping into visual novel development. It's been both eye opening, just the sheer amount of work and assets required, and awe inspiring, the fact that so many great projects exist. Most of all, it's brought me an insane level of enjoyment. Just Some General Thoughts Being... Continue Reading →

Doing the Foley Dance

I've always liked sound, and whilst I can play a couple of instruments (and I think I'm an OK singer), I've never really been able to compose anything. Many years ago, I tried to do the next best thing, and that was to get into sound engineering and design. It's been a while since I... Continue Reading →

My Process

I've had a few people ask me how I write. Originally, I used to write on a palmtop PC; a Casio Cassiopeia. I managed to save up and buy one in my last year in High School, and used it to play tetris and write horrible Warhammer 40K fanfiction (I thought it was great). Unfortunately,... Continue Reading →

On the inspiration for the BGM

Kara no Kyoukai is one of my favorite film series.  It’s one of the most atmospheric, world building mysteries I’ve ever been so fortunate to be shown.   When I’m teaching some composition techniques and idioms, I often find myself pulling clips from these movies, in particular Paradox Spiral, to exemplify leitmotifs and themes.  Yuki... Continue Reading →

Post Release Thoughts

As I sit here writing this, it's on the tails of us announcing our demo! (you should really go check it out) It's a very satisfying feeling to be a part of a project like this. It's even more satisfying to see something you've worked on, for admittedly a good while now, come together and... Continue Reading →

Historia – Scene 1 Demo

It is now almost a year ago to the day that my Comiket-inspired brain thought that instead of writing another book (which is still something that I need to do), I should make a new VN. After all, I'm a "veteran" now, surely it wouldn't take so long this time, right? We could get one... Continue Reading →

Relearning everything

A long long time ago in a Canberra far away, I did a Computer Science minor as part of my degree. I'll admit that the rudimentary stuff I picked up there has held me in good stead (I can claim that, for at least 6 weeks, I was officially a paid programmer). After graduating I... Continue Reading →

Doing this all over again…

I remember clearly sitting in a small mixing booth at a big concert hall back in 2007. There wasn't much light, but the massive (and expensive) audio console was emitting a soft, blue glow. Since there was very little to do, I was sketching out "Grid 1" and "Grid 2" - what would have been... Continue Reading →

Asking for Help

A quick note today. I'm amazed at the progress that we've been making with Historia. I knew it was ambitious to expect a playable preview within a year, but there's a pretty good chance that we'll have that by Winter Comiket. However, as with all VN developments, many hand make light work. I'm really happy... Continue Reading →

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