Doing this all over again…

I remember clearly sitting in a small mixing booth at a big concert hall back in 2007. There wasn't much light, but the massive (and expensive) audio console was emitting a soft, blue glow. Since there was very little to do, I was sketching out "Grid 1" and "Grid 2" - what would have been... Continue Reading →


Asking for Help

A quick note today. I'm amazed at the progress that we've been making with Historia. I knew it was ambitious to expect a playable preview within a year, but there's a pretty good chance that we'll have that by Winter Comiket. However, as with all VN developments, many hand make light work. I'm really happy... Continue Reading →

What’s a Rainbow Serpent?

It's interesting how you somehow assume that everyone you meet has learned similar things in their upbringing. This is usually true; until you get to university you're generally only interacting with people who went through a similar schooling system with a somewhat consistent curriculum. Unless you move overseas, you're rarely going to meet someone of... Continue Reading →

Why Penrith?

When we were writing Katawa Shoujo, we were often faced with a question of authenticity. None of us were Japanese, and with the exception of a few of us that had been there for holidays, the only experience that we had with Japanese culture was through media, and a little bit of study. Sure, we... Continue Reading →

Intro – Cpl Crud

Once a month I get a private message that reads something like this: "Hi Cpl_Crud! I loved your work and you inspired me to make my own VN. What advice do you have for me?" And my first response is almost always "Don't." Making Katawa Shoujo was a great experience. I learned so much about... Continue Reading →

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