About Lucid A96

I’m not good at naming things. Thankfully, that decision wasn’t completely mine in this case.

“Lucid A96” came out of a couple of days of brainstorming on our Dev Slack. We wanted a name that wouldn’t be tied to the project that we were working on (Historia) but would still have some kind of ethereal feel to it.

We circled around “Lucid” for a bit because, well, it’s a cool word.

“A96” is a bad pun in Japanese, where you can use numbers to stand in for syllables. “A96” could be read “A-ku-mu” in this way: Akumu means “Nightmare” (悪夢) in Japanese.

And that’s about all there is to that.


Historia (In Production) – A Visual Novel set in Penrith, a lazy town on the edge of civilization in Australia. There is only one goal for the students of the local high school – graduate and leave.

But this sleepy town has awoken an ancient monster with indefensible power.

Will the students of the school be able to defeat this monster, or will the be out of time – literally?



  • Duane Moody
  • Galaxie
  • MattyD
  • Zaniel

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