Two dead in tragic house fire


Thursday, September 19th, 2019

Tragedy has struck Penrith as a house fire turned deadly overnight.

Fire crews battled with the raging inferno throughout the night. Once the flames were extinguished, they proceeded inside to make a grizzly discovery. The remains of two people, thought to be the inhabitants of the house, were found inside.

“Obviously there will be a full investigation into the cause of the fire, and why the occupants were unable to escape,” explained a weary Lt. Mathieson of the Penrith Fire Brigade. “This only serves as a reminder to everyone; check your smoke alarms annually, and if a fire breaks in your house Get Down Low and Go Go Go.”

The fire was reported by local residents shortly before midnight and fire crews were on the scene shortly afterwards – but too late to save the poor souls trapped inside. As with all tragedies, residents of the area are left with more questions than answers.

“We’re just your ordinary neighborhood,” commented one resident who saw the fire and rushed to help. “To think that this could happen so close to home seems unreal.”

“I think this calls for a review of the building code,” said another bystander. “A lot of the houses that have gone up around here in the last few years have been thrown together too quickly. There’s no oversight.”

At this stage the investigation is in the charge of the Penrith Fire Department, but the NSW Police have indicated that they are willing to assist in identifying the bodies and any further investigations.

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