In pursuit of rainbows

Everyone knows that chasing rainbows is a fruitless effort. You can run at full tilt towards one and never get any closer.

And yet it seems that those people that have a disposition towards this impossible task are the ones that end up making VNs (or, to be honest, getting good at anything). It’s that constant feeling of never really feeling happy with what you’ve got and what you’ve done.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to push through the script of Act 1, adding in sound effects and adding in the art assets as they appear. It’s a piecemeal effort, ending up in reading through the script a few dozen times. But that’s good; I catch things that I don’t like the sound of and I edit them on the spot. This ends up with me making about half a dozen commits to the script every day that I work on it.

But recently I’ve been hung up on two scenes; Scenes 2 and 3 (Or D1S2 and D1S3 in our internal thinking).

I don’t think that I’ve edited a scene like this before. It’s a matter of playing a scene, clicking furiously through it, and then making some small tweak; like offsetting the start of a sound effect by a 10th of a second or something similar. Then repeating it again to see if I’m happy with it.

Is this helping? Really, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll be like this for every scene in the game. Already I’m starting to curse my original thinking on the sound effects; instead of having a nice, logical file structure for the source files/recordings and the final outputs, I’ve got a folder salad in my OneDrive that I’m embarrassed to let anyone see.


I’m hoping that making the VN a little more atmospheric will make it a better experience for you all, but it could just as easily end up making you mute the sound channel because of the amateurish nature of it all. I’m hoping it’s the former.

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