Heading Down The Collaboration Rabbit Hole…

Hello everyone! I’m Robert, the lead developer of Historia, the first project by Lucid A96. Figured I should write something to give an introduction into who I am and why you should care. Besides, everyone needs a first blog post when they start a new project, so let’s dig in.

Who Are You?

I currently work as a DevOps Engineer for William Hill US, I live in sunny Las Vegas, NV, USA, and I have 2 children and a lovely wife. Fun fact, I am about as boring as you can get, mainly spending my free time with my family and writing code. I live on the internet and I genuinely love all things involving tech and nerd culture.

How Did You Get Involved?

Like every great start to a software project, it all began on twitter. Cam (the guy you all probably know the best because of his other work) tweeted that he was thinking about making another VN and was looking for willing people to lend a hand. Me being a fan, I tweeted back at him saying I would be down to do some programming.

Thinking I wouldn’t even get the time of day from someone who was more e-famous than me (entirely wrong way to think about things BTW always reach out if you’re interested) I was shocked when he actually reached out and took me up on my meager offer of development efforts. It wasn’t long before we started talking and I was introduced to the team.

What Are You Doing Now?

Well, the first order of business was getting some of the infrastructure setup for actually developing the game. We knew we were going to be using Ren’Py for the engine, but we needed a way to collaboratively create the game itself. Basically, a good way to keep everyone synced up with the latest builds and code. Well there is a great tool out there for version control called Git. Makes it really easy to track and keep your code in line.

Seeing as this is a private project though, we didn’t just want to use some public facing git hosting so we spun up a private instance using Gogs. A few accounts later and we had a place that we could all get the code and builds of the game! Then came things like graphics and audio stuff. Turns out we needed some way to handle files. So we then spun up a Seafile instance. Now we have both code and large asset management!

So now we can actually start building the game. After our writers got done with the first route, I got to work putting the scripts in the engine. We got that going, and then we started producing Dev builds and actually testing and running our game. That. Was. An. Awesome Feeling. Seeing a build of our game actually running was one of the best feelings ever. Then our artists started knocking out some sweet assets and then we not only had a rocking story but awesome visuals. It’s not stopped rolling since!

Where Do You Want To See This Go

I’m thinking the sky is the limit and I can’t wait to get our game into the hands of the public. My hope is that this project does amazingly, and we can stay together as a team to continue making awesome things. Our writers are awesome, our artist is awesome, and everyone else is awesome. In case it’s not obvious I think our whole team is incredible, and I’m very lucky to be a part of this.

I genuinely think that everyone is going to love what we have planned, I know I do.


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